She’s back – and better than ever


Been a while, crocodile…

A little under a year to be exact, and a lot has changed since my “Post-Grad Blues” entry last August. These last several months have hosted a whirlwind of change, new friendships, a few mistakes, but most of all, tremendous growth.

This almost year-long hiatus has given me the opportunity to take a step back from the over-scheduled and hyper-involved college lifestyle I had grown so accustomed to and relax. Funny thing is, this spurt of “relaxation” is when I began to find myself. I finally had time to explore what I wanted to be doing, and the revival of this blog is a first step.

Since moving, I have taken on a slew of hobbies I may have not had time for with a regular 9-5 job, gotten involved with a few local nonprofits, explored a bit of freelancing, taken control of my finances, and have met some amazing and inspiring people during my time here. California has filled me with so much inspiration and I feel that I am finally ready to share what I have experienced this past year with all of you.

This is as much of a quick life update as it is an announcement that imbetteratwriting is back baby, and better than ever! New posts and Cali vibes coming soon.

Much love, Elizabeth


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