California bound – Day two: Sioux Falls to Sturgis

The Badlands, South Dakota. Only 1,307 miles to go!


The day began with a waffle, Wisconsin cheese and a full itinerary. Today’s first stop? We originally planned on it being the Badlands, but we were intrigued by the sheer amount of advertisements for “1880 Town” off of highway 90 and decided to impulsively (and borderline recklessly) pull over.

Welcome to 1880 town! Good for kids, but way overpriced for adults. Was a good spot to stretch our legs at the least.


Verdict? It would have cost $24 for the both of us to get in, so we just perused the gift shop, stretched our legs and peeked through the cracks in the wood of the town’s gates. Based on what we saw, our money was well saved. We still took a selfie though.


Our next stop: Badlands National Park.

A short detour off highway 90 led us to none other than Robert’s Prairie Dog Town! A giant plexiglass prairie dog statue announced our arrival.

We were able to buy some unsalted peanuts from the gift shop and tried to feed the talkative little prairie dogs.


The momma. She had 4 or 5 little babies running around. She definately didnt turn down a peanut.
The momma. She had 4 or 5 little babies running around. She definitely didn’t turn down a peanut.


After chasing around the prairie dogs for 30-40 minutes, we hopped back in the car and zipped on over to the Badlands National Park.

We’re in!


The Badlands looked as if it was straight out of The Land Before Time. I was waiting to see a Brontosaurus strolling along the plains, but all we saw was a lone buffalo.


We winded through the National Park and ended up in the town of Wall, home of the famous Wall Drug!

Wall Drug, home of  awkward photo opportunities.
Wall Drug, home of awkward photo opportunities.


Mom paying for her coffee
Luckily, we needed more sunscreen and face wash. Wall Drug was honestly a little disappointing, and very much so a tourist trap, but the maple donuts, 5 cent coffee and free ice water were delicious.


Only about an hour away from Wall Drug was Mount Rushmore nestled in Keystone, South Dakota. Mom read online that there were quite a few opportunities for photos without having to pay for parking ($11 for a car), but the sun setting made it more difficult to get a good photo.

Mount Rushmore!


We then had dinner at Grizzly Creek and split the mini burger appetizer, basically two mini sliders with fries. We got to sit outside again and watch the sun set over the black hills. It was gorgeous.

Dinner with Ma


Tomorrow we are heading to Yellowstone National Park!

Bonus: Feeding the prairie dogs!


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