California Bound – Day three: Sturgis to Cody, WY

Only 980 miles to go!


Learned something new today: smoking brakes = bad. Utilizing first and second gear = good.


Mom looking though the car’s manual to see if there was any information on how to properly use first and second gear. There wasn’t. I ended up going with my gut and put the car into second gear while coasting down the mountain. We later learned my gut was correct. *Pats back*


Our first stop on the scenic overpass in the Big Horn Mountains. Below were rushing rapids, I wish I had taken a video because you could hear them echoing throughout the valley. It was really cool.


Being a born and raised Midwesterner, the closest I really got to driving in the mountains was passing through the rolling hills of Galena, Illinois (read: not close at all.) Today I had no idea what I was doing and was stuck behind a frequently braking RV, which resulted in a lot of breaking on my part, mild panic and stress eating a shaved ice to calm myself down after the whole ordeal.


We stopped in Ten Sleep, a cute little mountain town with a population of just over 250 for shaved ice, mostly to let the car rest and to give ourselves a mental break. Apparently shaved ice is a big deal in Wyoming. I can definitely get behind that. I got peach raspberry and mom got fuzzy navel. Yummm


Llamas! Spotted on our way to Cody.

We arrived in Cody around 4 p.m., a little later than planned. After checking into our cabin, we realized that if we were to drive to Yellowstone, we would have has three hours of daylight left, at most, so we decided to stay local and explore Cody.

Look at how adorable our cabin was! It had old fashioned keys, a king-sized bed and glorious fluffy towels.


There was even this adorable little moose sitting on our bed as we walked in. (We weren’t allowed to keep him, though.)

A very proud western town, to me, the Cody seemed a little over-the-top. I guess I am not the biggest fan of the “Old West” folklore and whimsy, of which the town was all about.

We  decided to explore the downtown a bit, and decided to stay for the wild west shootout, a theatrical demonstration of an old west scuffle across from the Irma historical hotel.

Definitely aimed for a younger audience, the demonstration was goodhearted…but not really worth more than 7 minutes for mom and I. Plus, we had food on the brain.


Only a couple blocks from our cabin was Pat O’Hara Brewing Company – easily the best part about our stay in Cody.

This cute little Irish pub had a nice selection of beer. We split a flight paddle and an entree. We decided on a pulled pork sandwich with a side of onion rings. The sandwich was really well done, and the onion rings were so good we decided to order a second basket.

Cody was a good, yet almost kitschy stop for us. All-in-all it was at the very least an opportunity to rest up before our big day in Yellowstone tomorrow!



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  1. You ladies seem to be having a wonderful drive. Learning so much about this beautiful country God has given us as well as driving on the mountain roads and about the gears in cars. I’m so proud of you for doing so well. I will be praying for you as you continue on your journey.

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