California bound – Day 6: Salt Lake City to Sacramento

This sign was by far the hardest to get. We parked about 200 feet away on a pull off spot on the highway, right around a severe curve, in the mountains, with trucks blazing past us. We had gotten a picture by every state sign so far, so even though it was the most difficult, it was by far the most important.


We made it!

Granted, it was nine hours later, but here we are in beautiful, 98 degree Sacramento.

We left our sketchy hotel around 9:00, headed to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and donuts for the road, and by 9:30, we were off.

Salt Lake City is right next to the Great Salt desert, of which we had to drive through on our way to California, and in the middle of nowhere is this bulbous statue. It just comes out of nowhere. David and I noticed it on our first road trip from Cali to Chicago. Upon further investigation, we discovered that it is called “Metaphor: The Tree of Utah” and that it is not broken, as we had thought in the video.



The drive through Utah was long, windy, and Nevada was dry, mountainous and full of trucks. The Nevada sign was by far the least exciting.


Home of Las Vegas, this sign was the most underwhelming. But, hey, we still had to grab a picture by it.


Mom was able to use her newly acquired mountain driving skills, and we made it in to Sacramento around 6 p.m., just in time for dinner with David. He helped us unload the very full car, and we then headed off to The Coconut Midtown, a Thai restaurant about a mile away from our new place. Forgot to snap a picture, we were definitely exhausted, but we did manage to snap one in front of my new place.


Granted, this picture was taken the next morning, but who’s counting? 😉


The next few days were filled with shopping, exploring the area, and on Thursday (today) and Friday, San Francisco! I  probably won’t be blogging about the days in Sacramento (who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind, I have a few fun photos from the past three days), be keep your eyes out for a post about our SF adventures sometime this weekend. Thanks for taking this journey with us!

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